New Raisoo Peel T3 & T4 Features & Pictures Update (also Pricing & Launch Date)

Hi guys!

We’ve just setup the online store and got the features list and pictures of the device ready. Furthermore, we’re happy to report that we’ll be also offering the Raisoo Peel in a 4th-gen only version as well. What’s the difference between that and the Yosion Peel 520 II you ask ? See below.


There are two versions of the Raisoo Peel. The T3, which is physically fit to the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touch’s, and the T4, which is fit to the 4th generation iPod Touch. Both are the same price and have the same features, but are a bit different in design.

The feature list for both versions of the Raisoo Peel is very strong. A new feature that lets you use 2 SIM cards at the same time is even cooler!

Dimensions: 125.0 × 64.0 × 12.5 mm
Weight: 70 grams
Battery: 1600 mAh
Standby time: up to 300 hours
Talk time: up to 6.8 hours
Supported languages: ALL (set automatically based on your iPod’s language)
Supported cellular networks: This device is quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. It supports most carriers in most countries of the world. More about this on the FAQ.

– Integrated microphone for speech
– Integrated speaker for hearing recipient on call
– Integrated vibration motor
– GPRS Data Access
– Tested Worldwide
– iPod 30-pin connector
– Reset button, Battery and SIM card slot
MMS Functionality
– The 1600 mAh battery charges your iPod and the Raisoo Peel simultaneously!

The dual-SIM feature allows you to use 2 phone numbers at the same time. Both SIMs will be connected to their respective carriers simultaneously. You don’t need to turn off one to use the other. When making a call, you’ll be able to choose which SIM you want to use for this call. This feature can prove tremendously useful for people with home/work cell phones, or people who want to pay local rates with a local SIM when abroad but still be able to receive texts on their original phone #. Should you want to only use one SIM, you can do so as well!


Raisoo Peel T3 Pictures

Raisoo Peel T4 Pictures

The main improvement on the new Raisoo Peel is in size: it’s quite noticeably thinner, and around 30% lighter as well. The device feels extremely solid and well constructed. It’s a big step up from all the previous Peel devices for the 2nd/3rd generation iPods, and more of a side step for the 4th generation iPod. It’s basically a very similar device, only a bit thinner and with the dual-SIM feature.


Due to our status with Yosion, Raisoo was able to give us an extremely competitive price. We will sell both the Raisoo Peel T3 and T4 for $109 (that’s in US dollars). This price includes a full-blown return policy (14 days), a 1-year worldwide warranty, as well as our stellar email support available to you whenever you need it. We’ve sold thousands of Peels in the past year – we know how those devices work and if there are any issues with yours, you know you’ll be in good hands.

Launch Date

As you might have noticed, our website is almost ready. We will accept our first order on:

Monday August 22nd 2011, 1:00 PM EST

There has been tons of interest on the Raisoo Peel and we might sell out our stock quite quickly – be sure to watch your inbox, we’ll send out a notification email on Monday.

New Raisoo Peel Update List

To make sure you receive our news, be sure to subscribe to the Raisoo Peel Update List. This ensures you’ll get the latest news regarding the Raisoo Peel and its developments.

Wnat do you think about the new features ? How about the design ? Is the price what you expected ? Let us know in the comments :)

  • Jameson3659

    How will it work? Will there be new software for jailbroken iPods or will it take advantage of the existing yosian software on the old apple peels which is extremely buggy. If you develop this with new software and a dedicated support team with an English speaking forum this will be a very competitive product.

    Also would there be a discount if I have an apple peel but I wish to switch to this model?

    • Anonymous

      We are indeed considering a discount for our Peel 520 II customers. As for the forum, using our blog’s comment section has worked quite well in the past, and we do have full english support!

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  • Doug

    Is their software any more reliable than Yosion’s? If so, can I switch?

    • Anonymous

      I’m 80% sure it’s based off of it and improved to work with the new device, so I’m pretty sure they’d work together properly.

    • Doug

      I tried installing Raisoo software on my Yosion 2g but the IMEI and iPod
      serial numbers clashed. Can you provide a new IMEI if I send you my
      serial number?

      • Anonymous

        The IMEI is device-specific, you can’t change it, just like you can’t change your iPod’s serial #. What problem are you having exactly ?

        • Doug

          From the repository “” installing Raisoo version 1.1.5, the IMEI field is blank (not remembering it from Yosion) so I _carefully_ enter the IMEI number correctly and push the Register button and get the reply “IMEI &SN Error!”. Every time.

          Do I have to “un-register” from Yosion somehow first”. The reason I asked the question above is because a couple of people had problems when the Yosion was shipped out to everybody, and the reply was for them to send you the IMEI number and you would fix it, apparently quickly and easily.

          • Anonymous

            The IMEI thing might cause some issues yeah, especially if they manage 2 different databases for the devices. Did you have issues registering through YosionApp when you initially received your Peel 520 II ?

          • Doug

            None at all, and I’ve even had to re-register on occasion after software upgrades, etc. And I uninstalled YosionApp before installing Raisoo and had to re-register my iPod when putting YosionApp back on after Raisoo would not work. No problems with Yosion at all.

          • Anonymous

            Probably separated IMEI databases then.

          • Rfvswieten

            Yes, my IMEI would’t work too.
            Is it possibl to share both databases? You do have contact with Yosion, not?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, we have contact with them. But of course they want you to buy the new device, so they’re not really inclined to share the db’s. If anyone has better luck let us know!

          • Doug

            So… live with it (Yosion)? Or is there a fix for this?

  • Lirdi

    It always sounds better than it is really… I bought the Yosion Peel II and was sooo happy about it, it made me hap[py tyo have a “sort-of-an-iphone” and was great and everything, but fact is that not everything that was written about it was true. For example: GPRS doesn’t really work unless you’re on 3.2.1 which is pretty rare and not possible to downgrade to ofcourse and well… Sort of an iphone, NOT being a real competition to an iphone… although it did get close… wondering about this one but I would lower my expectations… :-)

    • Anonymous

      Raisoo being very close to Yosion (I’m meeting them on Monday to confirm their status and see if they’re a subsidiary or affiliate) we’re almost considering these as a 3rd-generation Peel 520. 3rd gen vs 2nd gen = improvements! :)

  • Djmckay

    Hi. Have u resolved the text messaging language problem?
    And audio out the head phone jack?

    • Anonymous

      These issues should not be present on the Raisoo Peels.

  • Sherwin_doringo

    will it work for ipod touch 4G not jailbreak

    • Anonymous

      It does require a jailbreak, but all versions of iOS on any iPod Touch can be jailbroken.

  • Mitcoz

    Will it come out in white as well???

    • Anonymous

      Yes, most likely!

  • Dac

    I would like to know if there is a possibility to increase the capacity of the battery.

    • Anonymous

      Since it’s an integrated battery, there isn’t for now, unless some external accessory comes out. Have you had any issues with your Peel 520 II’s battery ?

  • Tyagisunil

    The price seems alright and looks are not bad either. Would appreciate if you clarify following:
    (a) I have iPod model A1288 will Raisopeel T3 work on it
    (b) I stay in Pune, India would u be able to supply over here and provide warranty here
    (c) Is there a battery inside Raisopeel if I charge Raisopeel will the iPod would also get charged?

    • Tyagisunil

      I tried to buy Raisoo Peel T3 yesterday but I couldn’t as you guys do not supply to India. I wonder why is that ?

      • Anonymous

        It should be fixed now.

        • Suniltyagi

          I recieved RaisooPeel T3 today I noticed that there is no battery in the pack. Do I have to buy battery separately? will the iPod battry suffice ?

          • Anonymous

            The battery is integrated in the device!

  • Tigo Broersen

    Can you order the Raisoo Peel t4 only in the colour as in the picture or can you choose the colour?

    • Anonymous

      For now we only have it in black, but I believe a white version will be available soon.

  • Carl

    I would like to know whether what you’re saying about it having FM is true – all the other websites say it does not. Also, have you managed to get a video of the T3/T4 in English as a demo? How often is this software updated? I would finally like to know whether there is a planned future version where FM, 3G and a camera light will be included and if so how close in the future would that be? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      The video should be uploaded in the first week of September. The FM feature was a mistake, sorry about that. Software should be updated around every 2 weeks. As for a future version, we are not aware of their future plans unfortunately.

  • _,

    I have a 2nd gen apple peel and put the Raisoopeel firmware on it but
    I cant find where i would send a picture message/mms like you list abovet-mobile US sim

    • Anonymous

      You’d need a Raisoo Peel to do that! The software is only partially supported on the Yosion Peel 520 II.

      • Ok… this is interesting. “Partially supported” on the Peel II? What does that mean? …can we install the Raisoo apps from the Source and then have better SMS and GPRS on the Peel 520 II ???

        Raisoo ‘firmware’?? Does the original poster mean he loaded the Yosion -apps- (for the Raisoo) onto the Peel 520 II? …’cause there’s no way to change the firmware (software embedded in chips) for the Peel 520 II… that I know of …since Yosion hasn’t provided a firmware update or cable, for the Peel II …and I would really like to upgrade my Peel 520 II firmware, because apparently my V3.13 is older than everyone else, who has V4.19.

        You guys must be awfully busy… you know your installation page for the Raisoo has instructions saying one thing ( and graphics that say another ( …for the Peel 520 II). If you can’t take screenshots with a Raisoo, it’s really easy to edit the graphics with or some other graphics program. Just a suggestion.

        Then, on the Raisoo installation page, there’s… Step 3: Install the Apple Peel 520 II …Hmmm. ;) Yes, I’m a nitpicker… but just so you know.

        • Anonymous

          Theoretically yes you could. We won’t support it officially but since it’s the same hardware foundations I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Yes he meant the apps, not the actual device firmware. Those words are easily mixed up ;) For the installation guide, I’m gonna update that ASAP – I’m in Hong Kong now meeting the Raisoo execs so I haven’t had the time to get to it. I’ll update the guide as soon as I get back in Canada. Fixed the step 3!

          • (Hong Kong must be an interesting place ;)

            I’m going to assume that installing the Raisoo apps on the Peel would leave you with-out- the FM radio function.

          • Anonymous

            (yes it is!) and yes, that would be the case.

          • I hope the Raisoo outfit shares any ‘fixes’ with the Peel developers… if they aren’t the same people… should’ve been a stipulation for getting to use the previous Peel apps, if that’s what they did.

          • Anonymous

            Just got confirmation that any improvements should be ported to both apps. Hopefully they’ll follow through :)

  • Flopsy_82

    Does it support 3G?

    • Anonymous

      Only 2G, unfortunately.

  • Tyagisunil

    Are u going to supply any software to jailbreak the iPod ?

    • Anonymous

      We won’t, but instructions are widely available online and we’d rather leave that to the amazing Dev Team.

  • Songman

    It doesn’t look like my cell provider Sprint uses SIMM cards. However I do have mobile broadband and would be interested in using the Raisoo T3 Peel with my iPod Touch 3GS (software version 4.3.3) as strictly a wifi phone, connecting it to my broadband for phone calls. It’s already possible to make calls on my iPod this way using headphones, but I would prefer using the Raisoo’s earpiece, and would gain adding battery life along with the FM radio. Of course, I would have no need to install a SIMM card. Would I still be able to use the Raisoo Peel as a wifi phone connected to my mobile router?

    • I believe the Raisoo will function the same as my Peel 520 II… so, your iPod touch, and apps, would still function over WiFi… the Peel/Raisoo calls over the SIM card, using it’s own earpiece …and the iPod WiFi apps, like Skype, play through the ‘external’ speaker, -NOT- through the Raisoo earpiece, unless they’ve ‘fixed’/changed the way it works from the Peel 520 II.

      Supposedly they’ve fixed the volume quirk, so maybe they’ve made the Raisoo device more ‘accessible’ to apps other than the one that comes with it… (I doubt it).

  • Allo

    There still doesn’t seem to be any reviews available on the Raisoo Peel. Were all the issues in Yosion’s peel ironed out? Has anyone actually received one of these? If so, what were your opinions on this product?

    • Xanza

      I’ve sent around 200-300 texts received around the same number. No chinese fonts coming up randomly so thats fixed. Haven’t tried gprs yet though

  • Nick

    is the text app just the same as the iphone text app because i saw a video and the keyboard in the textapp was like a touch version of a normal phone..????

    • Anonymous

      It’s the iPhone keyboard, not the number pad.

  • Jason Wallace

    Im very interested in buying a Peel, but which is better… the Raisoo T4 or the Peel510 II?

    • Anonymous

      They’re simply different. One’s dual-SIM, the other has FM radio… And the design is a bit different. Choose whichever one you prefer!

      • Jason Wallace

        I see… Is it possible to get more pictures of the Raisoo T4 uploaded and perhaps pics of the Ipod touch inside the Raisoo too?

      • Jason Wallace

        ..and concerning software reliability or probability of software buys, which would you say is more stable at this point (Raisoo T4 or Peel520 II)?

        • Anonymous

          Both are being worked on at the same time by different teams, so it’s a tie for that.

  • I’ve received my T4 Peel. I’ll post up Pictures when I get a camera

  • Carl

    Any update on getting the video of the Raisoo Peel T3/4? Would you mind posting a link to search the tracking number as I’m having trouble finding it. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      The links for tracking are in the FAQ! The video is being filmed this week, it should be up next weekend.

    • Carl

      Has anyone else managed to get some pictures or a video of the Raisoo T3/4?

  • Does it come with a SIM card or do you have to buy it separately?

    • Anonymous

      You have to get it from your carrier.

  • Kdine

    I have a 3rd-gen 8GB Touch and I’m interested in your T3. For telephone calling I use my Touch with Google-Voice and the free Talkatone app to make free VOIP calls, so I’m not interested in the T3’s cell-phone capabilities.

    I’m mainly interested in the T3’s built-in ear-phone and its 2nd battery.

    QUESTION – can I use the T3’s earphone & mike & battery without the need to jail-break my iPod?

    • Kdine

      Hi again,

      I keep checking back for a response – do I need to jailbreak my iPod to use the T3’s earphone & mike & battery?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, unfortunately you do.

  • Emarvin

    I am trying to figure out which one to get the raisoo T4 or the Peel 520 II.
    How well does the Raisoo work in the US?
    How well does the MMS work.

  • Carl

    Hi Alex,
    Just want to know whether iOS 5 is already supported for the Raisoo firmware or whether an update will be coming soon as an update has not come for over a month? If there is a planned update, will the GPRS work eventually?

    • Anonymous

      Now that IMEI reg. Was scrapped on the Yosion, the app might work on the Raisoo. Can you try and see if you can make GPRS work on 1.8.0? 5.0 support is done, we’re waiting for a libstatusbar update but on our side everything’s ready :)

      • Carl

        Libstatus bar has just received an iOS 5 update. When will we see Raisoos update? What features or bug fixes can we expect to see?

        • Anonymous

          It’s actually already built-in. There might be future fixes, but it should work for now.

  • Carl

    Hi Alex,

    Just wanted to let you know: could you add to the FAQ that if you can’t send messages or it comes with an error message to check if the contact has the country code otherwise the peel will not send the message unless it is a reply. Now all that needs fixing is the GPRS, but there’s not much point in that until iOS 5 untethered comes out…

    • Anonymous

      I added it to the installation guide, thanks.

  • nerzki

    i sometimes get chinese characters when the raisoo peel was supposed to say message sending failed. Also when I exchange text messages fast, I get those chinese character. could you please fix those bugs? when can we expect another update for our raisoo peel?

    • Anonymous

      An update was just posted!

  • Leonard Stewart

    Do you have instructions on configuring the gprs settings for T-Mobile USA?

    • Anonymous

      Ask T-Mobile for the APN, Username and Password.